Louis Van Gaal Finished His Man United Career

Rafael Da Silva Said Louis Van Gaal Finished His Man United Career In Just One-Minute Meeting. At the meeting he said “you can leave” before thanking Brazilian by sending a text message later

  • Rafael Da Silva declared that Louis van Gaal ruthlessly showed him the exit.
  • Silva spent the period of six seasons in Man United before the arrival of Dutchman.
  • However, Van Gaal told Silva that ‘you can leave’ in a short meeting that ended just a minute.
  • Rafael was accused by Van Gaal. He said Gaal disrespect him and he will never play again.

Rafael Da Silva has shared the news that Louis van Gaal finished his career with Manchester United in a meeting that went for just one minute. Silva is the right-back and from Brazil and he had spent six seasons at the Old Trafford. In the six seasons he has won three titles of Premier League under Sir Alex Ferguson. And in the year 2014, Van Gaal was appointed; he took no time telling the Rafael that he is no more required in the team.

Rafael, who is now with Lyon, in an interview said ‘When announcement regarding the place of Van Gaal was made, four-five people, including non players and players both, called me and said he doesn’t like Brazilian players. They gave the example of Rivaldo at Barcelona, but that time I didn’t trust them.

He said, ‘During the first season, Gaal asked me to come into his office. And when I came there, he said: “You can leave.” So, that he was the complete meeting that lasted only one minute in which he said “You can leave”. At the end of the first season of Gaal, Rafael ultimately left United. During the season of Gaal, made just 11 appearances on the other hand, during the last campaign when Gaal was not there, he made 28 appearances.

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