The defender of Manchester United, Rafael Da Silva, has said that his team is eager to get its Premier League crown back. Manchester United had lost its Premier League crown in the last season. It was Manchester City which was the winner of Premier League in the last season.

But, Manchester United has performed amazingly well so far in the ongoing season and is currently 7-point ahead of the defending champions Manchester City.

When Silva was asked about United’s brilliant performance in the ongoing season, he said, “We want to regain the Premier League title at any cost. We had begun the season with this goal and we are currently on the right track.”

“We were horribly disappointed after not being able to win the Premier League in the last season. We were at the top of the table for most parts of the season, but, our performance deteriorated in the last few matches and we ended up at the second position. But, we have to make sure that we won’t repeat that mistake this time around. We will have to remain consistent in the remaining part of the league as well. We can’t afford to get complacent at any stage.”

“We want to win the other competitions as well, but, the Premier League is the priority.”

When asked about his own performance in the ongoing season, Silva said, “I am satisfied with my contributions in the matches that I have played this season. I think I am in good form and I am playing better than the last season. I am playing with a calm head and I am taking more right decisions now. Hopefully, I would continue making valuable contributions for the team in the rest of the season as well.”

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