The right back of Manchester United, Rafael da Silva, has said that he is delighted with the appreciation that he has got from Sir Alex Ferguson, but, he still has a lot to do to become as good as the former United captain, Gary Neville.

In one of his recent interviews, Ferguson had hailed Silva for his performance in the ongoing season and had said that if Silva continued playing like this, he would definitely become as good as Neville at some point of time in his career.

When Silva was asked about the statement of Ferguson, he said, “Ya, I heard that he has compared me to Gary. It’s really amazing that the manager rates me so highly. But, Frankly speaking, I still have to achieve a lot before people start calling me as good as Gary. He was a great footballer. I think he was probably one of the greatest defenders who have ever played for the club.”

“Gary was my childhood hero. He started playing when I was just 2 years of age and I loved watching him play. I wanted to become like him and play for United.”

When asked about his form in the ongoing season so far, Silva said, “In this season, I have been given regular starting opportunity by the manager and fortunately, I have been able latch on those opportunities. My form has been good in the season so far, but, there is no room for complacency when you are playing at this level. So, I need to keep playing well.”

“I want to thank Sir Ferguson for having faith in me and for giving me regular chances to start. When you know that you have got the manager’s backing, your confidence level automatically gets increased.”

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