Who will get into Europe?

Each year in the Premier league it is not only a race to be at the top of the tables for the pride of winning the league, but also a race to make sure who gets to go to Europe and compete against the best teams from around the continent. This can be harder to predict and betting odds on this will never be easy to choose from at the bookmakers. The clubs can either make it into the Champions league, with the top three teams getting in automatically and the fourth getting the chance to go into the playoffs for the competition. Finally the fifth place team also gets a chance at going to the UEFA Europa league also so there is much to bet on for fans and for the players to play for other than just the Premiership title.

At this point in the league things have started to settle down and come to a close so it is much easier to see who will get into Europe. Manchester United are actually guaranteed a spot in the Champions League as they now have enough points to finish in the top three no matter what they do and so odds on them will be non-existent.

Behind them are their hometown rivals of Manchester city who are not in as lucky a position and can still drop out but only if something goes wrong and they stop winning, which is unlikely as they have been all season. Currently in the other two spots for the Champions league spots are Arsenal and Chelsea, however Tottenham are only a single point behind and are looking to pull ahead and take the spot for themselves, which could be worth an outside bet.

There are other teams that do have a chance at taking a spot such as Everton and Liverpool however these teams are up to ten points behind now so it would take more than them just winning all their games to get into Europe. With this information in mind it will be much easier to wait for a season and make a bet on who you think will be in Europe next year.

Betting has been synonymous with sport for years and that is not changing in the slightest, but is actually becoming more the case thanks to the popularity of the internet and online betting along with it. Users can now research both odds and form very easily from their computer whilst placing bets. It isn’t just the betting industry that has grown though, the gambling industry as a whole has, which includes online casinos, who have also been dipping their hand into sports.

This means that if odds are looking a little short, or during the offseason, bettors can still satisfy their need for both gambling and sports by logging into one of these sites.

It is a football based slots game that generally goes down well with football fans, giving an amusing parody of John Motson as the commentator. Being a 3 reel slot with a possible jackpot of $10,000, it could provide a nice summer whilst waiting for the new season. If you’ve never tried your hand at the slots though it may be a good idea to approach with caution; betting at casinos is a different game to betting on sports and you do have less control over your possible winnings.

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