If Manchester United is unable to get a top 3 spot in the Premier League, this will be the first time that happens since the starts of the top tier English competition and this is just another evidence of how disastrous the transition between Sir. Alex Ferguson and David Moyes has been.

It has been a season of inconsistent results with some positive outcomes in a week but the following one was a totally different story. David Moyes has revealed to the media that the negative season has hurt him and he was not expecting the job to be so tough.

“The results against the big teams have definitely hurt. They have hurt more because I joined Manchester United with big expectations myself that I was coming to the winning football club’’.

“I’ve got a winning mentality and that’s what I wanted to do, so I’m disappointed with myself and I’m disappointed that we’ve been unable to do that. But it has not been for the want of trying, that’s for sure.” Moyes stated.

He continued: “I move on, but the first thing you always do is look at what you’ve done yourself and then move on and see if it’s something I maybe could have done better’’.

“As it has been, we’ve not had the good performances as regular as I wanted and that’s where we need to find that consistency where we can do that. It’s important to win all the games. Big teams or small teams, you want to win them all. But we want to beat the top teams as well as the bottom teams’’.

The future of Moyes hangs in the balance and the remaining matches of the season will be the deciding factor on whether or not he will be in charge of the club for the upcoming seasons.

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