Rafael da Silva made his 10th appearance of the season for Manchester United

Rafael da Silva made his 10th appearance of the season for Manchester United during their 3-0 triumph over Tottenham Hotspur on March 15 as the Brazilian player replaced Michael Carrick at the 87th minute and this allowed the 24 year old player on playing for 4 minutes which might not be a long period of time but taking into consideration that Rafael da Silva is a player who usually has to sit on the sidelines, this short appearance was a huge deal for the Brazilian defender.

It is even being rumored that Louis van Gaal is thinking about selling Rafael da Silva as the player has recently been suffering from injuries which kept him unable to perform in the playing grounds for a significantly long period of time.

Despite of the possibility of exiting Manchester United in the next transfer window, Rafael da Silva is only trying to focus on being more involved with the Premier League club and getting more playing time.

“It was very good for me and it was also very important for me, to come into the game and play for the first-team again. I just want to be involved now. Of course, it was good to play. Training has been fantastic as well. Now I just want to be involved with the team and if I get a chance, then I want to play well.” Rafael da Silva said after the conclusion of Manchester United’s match against Tottenham Hotspur.

The former player of Fluminense wants to get more time in the pitch performing with the rest of his teammates but if he continues getting injured it’s highly likely that Louis van Gaal will use other players of his team instead of Rafael da Silva. The Dutchman is known for his patience and characteristic of giving time so that certain players can prove themselves and Rafael da Silva is one of those players that need to step up their game in order to get a consistent spot in the main team of Louis van Gaal.

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