While there is a big amount of players and coaches that have critized David Moyes claiming him to be the reason for the recent demise of Manchester United, there are others that are suggesting that the blame should not be put on David Moyes and instead it should be on the players themselves.

The Brazilian player, Rafael da Silva believes that Moyes is not the man to put the blame on.

‘We are the ones who have to take the responsibility,’ said the Brazilian. ‘I don’t know why everyone is looking at the manager. It is the players who have to do the job on the pitch. We are together. We knew there would be a change and the manager had just left after 27 years. It was always going to be hard. We have to take the mentality David Moyes has given us and use it on the pitch. It is quite a big difference. David Moyes has a strong mentality. He is doing his own job and we have to use that in a positive way’ ’Rafael stated.

Considering that this Manchester United squad is almost the same exact one that one the Premier League title last season and the only real difference is the arrival of David Moyes to the club, there is a real reason why the pressure is building mostly on David Moyes than on anybody else.

‘We have spoken about it a lot. We have to show our quality. People are saying United don’t have a good squad but we have to show that is not true. To have three losses in a row and two of them at Old Trafford is not normal. Against Swansea we showed our real quality. We have to be consistent because we have been up and down a lot. To win a title or to get in the top four we have to play every game like we did in this one. Rafael da Silva added.

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