Manchester United’s Rafael da Silva is out for the remainder of the season

Rafael da Silva is not a player who has a big role for Manchester United at Old Trafford as the Brazilian defender has made 10 Premier League appearances in this season and this is just how his entire career at Manchester United has been since he made his first competitive debut back in August 17 of 2008 when he entered the pitch at the 79th minute during a match between Manchester United and Newcastle United which finished in a 1-1 draw.

This season might be the last one of Rafael da Silva as the player suffered 3 cracked ribs during Manchester United’s U-21 match against Leicester City and this injury will be leaving the player unable to enter the pitch for 6 weeks as well as the remaining matches of the season for his club.
Silva has struggled trying to find his spot in the main team of Louis van Gaal as the Brazilian defender is constantly being injured and rumors are linking him with a move away from Old Trafford.

Southampton’s right-back, Nathaniel Clyne is a 24 year old player who is being viewed as a possible replacement for Rafael da Silva. Louis van Gaal wants to sign a player who does not get injured as often as his Brazilian player and Clyneis the defender that is consistently being linked with Manchester United, although no official news has been made from the Dutch manager Louis van Gaal and at this point this is nothing but rumors but it does seem like a very possible one as Rafael da Silva just hasn’t impressed in Manchester United.

Daniel Alves of Barcelona is another right-back who has turned into a possible candidate on arriving to Old Trafford but Louis van Gaal is interested in signing players who are in the range of age between 23-27 and still have a few more seasons left in them but Daniel Alves is almost 32 years old, the Brazilian defender doesn’t satisfy the requirements of Louis van Gaal.

From the looks of it, Nathaniel Clyne will be a Manchester United player in only a few months as the player himself has already stated that he wishes to make a move to Old Trafford in the summer.

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