Dunga feels sorry for Neymar life Problems

Dunga feels what is happening in the off pitch life of his captain Neymar is annoying.

The coach reckons Neymar should understand that he is leading the senior Football team of his country and is looked up to by a lot of youngsters as well as kids.

And, that’s why he must be responsible and try and stay away from the controversies because his involvement in any sort of controversy sends a wrong signal to thousands of people around the country who follow him and support him.

Neymar’s name has been dragged into a finance related issue of late which is related to his transfer from Santos to Barcelona and it’s also said that an investigation is going on against him regarding that. The striker himself, however, has rubbished all the accusations directed towards him.

According to Dunga, Neymar is in the league of some of the Brazilian greats and thus, he has as much responsibility on him as those guys had or maybe more because in the older Brazilian squads, there were quite a few big names and the responsibility could be shared, but, right now, he is the only superstar and his actions and reactions are closely watched and analyzed.

The frustration of Dunga at this whole saga is understandable and obvious because he was the one who had picked Neymar to lead the transitional Brazilian side after World Cup 2014, keeping the age factor aside.

His decision was debated for a long, long time with many people not quite getting why a 22-year old was preferred to a lot more experienced players for the job of the captain.

But, Dunga made that big call and he might be feeling now that Neymar has not repaid him properly for that.

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