da Silver Injury Could Be A Huge Problem

The Brazilian defender of Manchester United Rafael da Silva has not been able to perform in all of the pre-season matches for his club after sustaining a groin injury which will keep him out of the playing ground. With Louis van Gaal in charge of the English club, United has so far been enjoying a positive pre-season campaign with victories against: LA Galaxy, Inter Milan and As.Roma.

But now that Rafael da Silva is suffering from an injury even before the start of the Premier League season this might turn into a huge problem for the Dutch coach if he doesn’t decide to reinforce the defensive department of Manchester United before the summer transfer window reaches its end.

Rafael da Silva had to make his way to England in order to continue his treatment of his groin injury which leaves him out of Manchester United’s tour in the United States. Michael Carrick is another player that is going through the recovery stages of an injury he sustained and was also unable to secure a spot in the flight of his club.

When Gary Neville decided to retire and concluded his illustrious career at Old Trafford where he managed to make over 390 league appearances for Manchester United, Neville gave his jersey to Rafael da Silva as the Brazilian had and possibly still has the potential of becoming a legend for United but it has not happened as the 24 year old defender has constantly been struggling just trying to stay fit with a number of injuries throughout his career which has left him out of the pitch for a significantly long period of time.

Antonio Valencia is expected to fill in the role of Rafael da Silva while the Brazilian is recovering from his injury but it still remains unclear if Valencia will be the main back-up option for Louis van Gaal in the right-back position unless the Dutch manager does try and snap up another defender before the start of the next Premier League season.

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